Rosaria Puglisi

Head of NATO Liaison Office Georgia

Rosaria Puglisi is the Head of NATO Liaison Office in Georgia and to the South Caucasus. She was born and raised in Italy where she completed a degree in political science.

Following a PhD in International Relations from University of Glasgow, Ms. Puglisi has served in several diplomatic missions in Europe and the Middle East, including the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, the Office of the EU Special Representative for Moldova, the EU Monitoring Mission to Georgia, the Council of Europe and the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Libya.

In 2015, Ms. Puglisi was appointed Head of the NATO Liaison Office to Central Asia in Tashkent. She moved to Georgia in April 2017 to serve as a Deputy Head of NATO Liaison Office, and in December 2017, she became Head of the Liaison Office.