In Batumi, before the start of Georgia Defence and Security Conference, the Minister of Defence of Georgia Levan Izoria assessed the importance of the event and highlighted new initiatives planned in the nearest future.

“Georgia Defence and Security Conference is a unique possibility to discuss regional and international challenges with our partners and emphasize on what we do to overcome these challenges together. Georgia, as NATO’s distinct partner, is an exemplary country on the road of Euro-Atlantic integration. It was confirmed with the letter of special gratitude by Mr. James Mattis sent to the Prime Minister of Georgia and also, by the visit of Mr. Bolton. This conference, in the aspect of Strategic Communications, reaffirms support from our strategic partners on our strategic path.” – said Minister.

In the words of Levan Izoria, there is completely new dynamics in strengthening defence and security: “For the first time in history, on a rotational basis, the U.S. “Cobra” company has arrived in Georgia, so that our infrastructure can be maximally used for exercises. This is the concrete realization of the principle that is called “More NATO in Georgia”. In future, based on this principle, we expect other NATO member and partner countries to conduct military exercises using our infrastructure. Therefore, this is completely new dynamics, which is in adequate context with the Comprehensive Security Strategy proclaimed by the National Defense Authorization Act. Today, we will discuss plans relating to the establishment of the readiness center, which was initially voiced at the NATO-Georgia Commission meeting.”