Raimonds Bergmanis

Mr. Bergmanis is the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Latvia since July 2015. He was appointed to this post after the former minister Raimonds Vējonis became the President of the Republic of Latvia. Before taking up this post Mr. Bergmanis was a Member of the 12th Saeima (the Parliament of Latvia) and actively worked as a Deputy-Chairman in the Defence, Interior Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee.

Before being elected as a Member of Parliament he was involved with various defence sector institutions, such as Recruitment and Youth Guard Centre, Ministry of Defence and National Armed Forces. Mr. Bergmanis has been working in the defence sector since 2001. He has obtained a master’s degree from the Riga Technical University in 1991 and a master’s degree from the Latvian Academy of Sports Education in 1998. In addition to his career in defence sector Mr. Bergmanis has been a professional athlete and Vice President of the Latvian Olympic Committee.