Our increasingly interconnected world faces a multitude of complex security challenges, including Russia’s ongoing occupation of Georgian territories, annexation of Crimea, mounting tensions in Eastern Ukraine, continuing instabilities in the Middle East and North Africa and cyber and hybrid threats. Hence, strategies in resolving conflicts and improving security are called into question in light of present transatlantic dialogues.

The Ministry of Defence of Georgia is annually hosting the Georgia Defence and Security Conference (GDSC), designated to address a range of complex challenges faced by the Euro-Atlantic security and regional stability. Over the years, the GDSC has proved itself to be a unique international forum in the region, bringing together over 300 guests including senior politicians, experts, think tanks, civil society, media and academic circles. The conference sets the stage for the participation in dialogue on strategic issues to reflect on how counties can respond individually and collectively to global threats and security challenges faced by Georgia.

This year, the eleventh GDSC will be held on 12 October 2017 in Batumi, Georgia. The conference will gather decision-makers, thought leaders, and civil society representatives to exchange views through interactive and thought-provoking plenary sessions and panel discussions on global security challenges and defence and security issues of Georgia. The aim of the conference is to think through how to operate in a dynamic environment, discuss emerging threats in the Black Sea region – and the region’s importance in providing the European security.

The conference will underscore five interactive themes. Our panel discussions will focus on the following topics: NATO after the Warsaw Summit – Getting more resilient, transformation of warfare: hybrid and asymmetric threats, changing security landscape in the Black Sea region and the future of the European Security.