The participants of Georgia’s Defence and Security Conference discussed security issues in the wider Black Sea region. The interactive session was hosted by GMF. State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova Aurel Fondos, State Secretary of the Ministry of National Defence of Romania Stefan Alexandry Tinca, Director of the Strategic Research Centre of Georgia Amb. Irakli Menagarishvili and Associate Scholar, Foreign Policy Research Institute, US Michael Cecire talked about security challenges in the Black Sea region. The main accents were made on threats from the north and Middle East and the crises in Ukraine. As Irakli Menagarishvili stated non-existence of effective controlling international mechanisms on armament limits, the region brought to rapid weaponization, but frozen conflicts threats security in the region. As he outlined, NATO and EU should active more actively. According to Stefan Alexandry Tinca, Romania tries to set Black Sea security on the agenda of NATO and EU. “We wish NATO and EU to be presented more in the region as deterrent factors”, stated he. “I would say that there is always a challenge in trying to have a conversation about such a large region with so many different countries, but in this panel we have a really good group of people from states in the region from Georgia, from Romania, from Moldova myself from Washington. Though, I travel regularly to the region. I think we are in the position to really talk about some of these overarching strategic themes that are often times missed because Black Sea has been such a large area, doesn’t always get included as a very fine and understandable region, so it was really good opportunity put some of these questions into open and have a conversations about some of the pressing security matters that are really animating a lot of discussions here in the region and but also in Washington and in Brussels and in Europe”, said Michael Cecire.