The first thematic platform of the Conference will be dedicated to the discussions on the dynamics and perspectives of NATO-Georgia relations. The geopolitical reality created against the backdrop of the stand-off between Russia and the West splits the allies over Georgia’s NATO accession timeframe.

The threat originating from Russia pushes some NATO member countries to halt NATO’s eastward expansion which, at times, is considered as Russia’s informal veto. Countries, opposing Georgia’s fast–track membership into Alliance, are trying to avoid escalation of confrontation with Moscow. The participants of the panel will focus on the strategic interests of the aforementioned states and possible implications of their policies.

The second group of NATO allies regards political consolidation and eastward expansion of the Alliance as an opportunity to deter Russia’s aggressive policy. Their position is strengthened by Georgia’s progress, Tbilisi’s commitment to Western values and its significant contribution to international security. The panel participants will discuss the importance of irrevocability of NATO’s open door policy as a response to current challenges to European security.