Discussion on the draft of reserve concept was held within the 10th Georgia’s Defence and Security Conference. Defence Minister of Georgia generally overviewed reserve concept with the participants and outlined that the draft version was elaborated as a result of many discussions with various focus groups. Deputy Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Colonel Nikoloz Agladze and author of the reserve concept, Head of Reserve and Mobilization Planning Division of J-1 Department of JS, Colonel Shalva Chubinidze talked about the details of the document. Director for International Security Policy of UK Ministry of Defence Nick Gurr, Head of French delegation to GDSC, Brigadier General Christian Tibo and Head of Canadian delegation, Colonel Patrick Kelly delivered speech on the reserve concept as well. “I’ve just come out of the meeting with your Minister of Defence about the reserves and the work that has been going on here in Georgia to develop a new reserve capability. The U.K. is helping with that work together with a number of Allies – Americans, Canadians, French and various others. I should say how much I am impressed with the progress Georgia is making in reserve area. They’ve learned quite a lot of lessons and picked up many issues that we ourselves are investing with. So there is a very good progress toward modernizing Georgia’s reserve capability”, said Nick Gurr. The Head of French delegation estimated the reserve concept positively. ”I am very glad to participate in such a high-level conference. I visit Georgia for the first time. We share very important information and also held meeting with the working group on reserve concept within the round table format. I deliver information that Georgia involves in a new, very crucial project to improve reserve system. We are working on a new reserve in France as well in order to face modern threats. Of course, threats and challenges differ from each other, but we all see that both countries need to develop reserve system because of the existing circumstances. France reserve is oriented to integrate in the army. We fill our army by improving mentioned reserve and promote to enhance the quantity. It’s a difficult, strategic challenge for the both countries. We would like to assure you in our firm support. Once more I would like to congratulate organizing such conference”, stated Brigadier General Christian Tibo. According to the draft, reserve of the Georgian Armed Forces aims to support main forces in wartime, crises and peace. The project includes three categories – army, territorial and specialists reserve. The concept draft is authentic, though, it includes experience from the partner countries, including NRFC.