Georgia’s political consensus on NATO integration The first day of Georgia Defence and Security Conference (GDSC) was wrapped up by the discusision about Georgia’s political consensus on NATO integration. The discussions with the Members of the Parliamentary Parties: Chairman of the Georgian Dream Faction Giorgi Volski, Davit Darchiashvili from the United National Movement Faction and Irakli Chikovani from the Free Democrats Faction was guided by Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President, Atlantic Council US. The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, David Usupashvili delivered a keynote address on the topic. According to Davit Usupashvili consensus about Georgia’s NATO Integration exists not only in the Georgian public but in the Alliance as well. As he said, NATO is a guarantee for the values of the Georgian people and freedom and independence of the country equals to our efforts to become part of NATO and EU. The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia declared that in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to strengthen the democratic institutions. “We are discussion the ways how to strengthen our cooperation and make Georgia more secure, more protected and what Georgia can do in exchange to provide the global peace and security. This conference is one step forward. We are discussing very concrete issue as in the part of the Warsaw Summit decisions as well as beyond this process. Very important military exercised was closed today and Georgia will host such events in the future. This means more defence and security for everybody,” David Usupashvili said. Former Deputy Defence Minister Mikheil Darchiashvili summarized the NATO day. He underscored the importance of Georgia Defence and Conference and the strategic timing of the event in advance of NATO’s Warsaw Summit. According to former Deputy Defence Minister, the main focus of the conference was made on Georgia’s NATO integration prospects and all parties agreed that there is a political consensus on membership of Georgia in the North Atlantic Alliance. “On various panels we discussed Georgia’s NATO integration perspectives, Georgia-NATO relations and cooperation with the partner countries. Georgia’s contribution to global security was widely appreciated by the participants. We talked about our expectations from the Warsaw Summit. We should use all tools to come closer to NATO and strengthen interoperability not only at the political level but in terms of military cooperation as well. It was reiterated that Georgia should continue democratic reforms, transformation and making contribution to global security and when the international and strategic circumstances will permit, Georgia should be ready to join the Alliance as a full-fledged member,” Mikheil Darchiashvili said.