Georgian Defence and Security Conference (GDSC) has renewed working in the “Sheraton” Hotel today. The following day of the Conference was dedicated to Georgia’s NATO integration perspectives. Minister of Defence of Georgia delivered speech in the panel “Georgia close to NATO”. Irakli Alasania drew attention to the progress achieved in the reforming process of Georgia and to the contribution Georgian troops are providing to the global security. Minister emphasized that Georgia will continue implementing reforms in future too with the aim to increase interoperability with NATO. The discussion also referred to the enhancement of Georgia’s defence capabilities. “In my point of view, we have made in-depth analyses of the security architecture we are facing in the wake of the Russian aggression in our region and in Europe. We have talked about how to accelerate Georgia’s integration into NATO for our society to feel safer and better protected. What we have understood as a result of the debates is that certain decisions will be made at the upcoming UK summit which will make Georgia more secure. We have highlighted those steps made by NATO in multilateral format with regard to Georgia and in particular those ones related to the enhancement of Georgia’s defence capabilities. This is our main expectation from the upcoming NATO summit and I am sure that we will achieve our goal,” said Minister of Defence. The moderator of the discussion was Columbia University Researcher Lincoln Mitchell. Among the reporters were the United State Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland and Permanent Representative of Lithuania to NATO Kestutis Lankauskas. “The discussion today on NATO showed that there is a strong international determination to make sure that the Summit in Wales recognizes the very substantial progress that Georgia has made towards meeting the criteria for NATO membership. I am confident that as we get closer to September and the Summit we will see the details of just how that recognition will be reflected,” declared Richard Norland