The third thematic platform of the conference will be devoted to the discussions on the specifics of unconventional warfare, which has become a widely debated topic due to the tendency of its growing use.

The session will be divided into two parallel discussion panels: the first panel will touch upon the use of unconventional warfare tactics by non-state actors, while the second will focus on the growing role of unconventional elements in state actors’ campaigns.

Terrorism still remains the major threat to the civilized world. The case of the so called Islamic State demonstrated that the use of unconventional warfare tactics by groups united under different objectives has become a pressing challenge to contemporary armed forces. Participants of the panel will address the role of armed forces in countering the unconventional warfare tactics and pertaining restraints of existing legal frameworks.

The threat of the use of unconventional warfare tactics by state actors has become even more relevant since the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The ongoing hybrid warfare practice against Kiev uncovered the need for capacity development of the armed forces to respond to non-traditional threats. Panelists will discuss how conventional forces operate under the conditions of unconventional warfare and address the challenges and limitations they face in relevant settings.