III South Caucasus Security Forum and the first day of Georgia`s Defence and Security Conference finished in the Holiday Inn. At the III Session of the Forum the sides discussed the current situation in NATO member ad partner nations prior to the Warsaw Summit, Georgia`s NATO Integration prospects and the readiness to become the member of the Alliance. It was also underlined that Georgia provides a significant contribution to the global peace and security and is fulfilling commitments successfully undertaken before the NATO. The sides also referred to the Russia`s annexation of Crimea and Ukrainian developments.

Senior Researcher of GFSIS Nodar Kharshiladze, Director of Ukrainian Foreign Policy Institute of Diplomatic Academy, Lithuanian Deputy Minister of National Defence Marijus Velichka, Georgia`s Ambassador to NATO Aleksandre Maisuradze and State Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Romania, Daniel Ioniţă participated in the session. Peter Bátor, Foreign and Security Policy Advisor at the Office of the Slovak President led the session.

“The topics of the session covered the period between the past Summit of Wales and upcoming Warsaw Summi. We have reviewed the issues which will be actual at the NATO Summit. We have also talked about “Islamic State”, Russia`s activities in Syria, Russia`s aggression against Ukraine and Georgia`s potential to receive Membership Action Plan (MAP). Georgia`s prospects to become the member of NATO was also discussed. Georgia was offered unique opportunities by granting Substantial NATO-Georgia Package. The main goal of your country is to get accession into NATO. I believe that you will implement all the instruments and recommendations envisaged under the Substantial Package “, said Marius Velichka.

Nodar Kharshiladze drew attention to the significance of the Conference: “It should be noted that this conference is being conducted prior to the Warsaw Summit. High level visitors arrived to attend the conference and very interesting messages are being voiced that must be considered in preliminary works for the NATO Summit. Georgia is also demonstrating that it is not only a reliable partner but has higher capabilities including intellectual ones. The Georgian speakers delivered impressive speeches as well. The most interesting was Defence Minister`s address. She clarified once again that Georgia is ready to become the member of NATO.

The forum will continue working tomorrow. The Conference participants will discuss a number of issues including hybrid warfare and its impact on NATO member and partner nations, military balance and cooperation in Black Sea region, the current changes in Middle East, Ukrainian Crisis and European security challenges. In the frames of the Forum a closed session is planned for media representatives.