The current developments in the Middle East, the threats associated with Islamic states and the ways and means of fighting against it were the key topics of discussion during the 6th panel of Defence and Security Conference. Advisor to the President of Georgia in Foreign Affairs Tengiz Fkhaladze chaired the session Changes in the Middle East: ISIS and Beyond.  Mate Szalai, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary, Cuneyt Gurer  Chief of Migration Management and Foreigners Service Department of Sivas Provincial Police Turkey, David Chochua, expert on terrorism, Director of Department of Americas MFA of Georgia and Mr. Josip Brkić, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered speeches during the session.

The panel participants highlighted the ideology of terrorist organizations and their main objectives. They also discussed the ways of preventing terrorism-related threats.

During discussions the sides referred to the problems of migration directing from East to West.  Josip Brkić focused on the crisis of refugees in Balkans and remarked that the 70 % of IDPs from Syria include  the males at the age of 16-70. Considering it, the country faces a great dilemma.

“Such an unstable region like Middle East creates problems not only for its neighbour countries but for the EU.  Migration crisis is also a big problem to the security of the West Balkan countries and extends to the EU nations. The majority of IDPs try to get access to the European countries to get better living conditions. Though, we must not forget that migration might create potential problems for the Europe as well. There might be the people among the IDPs  who had taken part in the Middle East conflicts and have a certain experience of infiltrating in the West European states”, said Cuneyt Gurer.