Guidelines for panelists and moderators

Parallel Sessions and plenaries

At each panel speakers and moderators will split in two interactive sessions (A and B) to engage in a discussion about two adjacent topics. At sessionseach panelist is expected to make a 5-7 minutes introductory statement focusing either on one of the suggested Food for Thought topics or briefly touch upon every topic. Afterwards, moderator will guide the discussion between the panelists.

The A and B session of each panel will run in parallel mode and will last 1 hour.

After the sessions all participants will be asked to reconvene for the plenary wrap up, where moderators of both sessions will engage the panelists in a discussion with the audience. The moderators from sessions A and B will briefly summarize discussions within sessions and involve the audience into an interactive dialogue and Q&A with panelists.

Note: On the first day, following the parallel sessions, there will be a mind-clash instead of the wrap up. A special moderator will be assigned to the panel to facilitate discussions between the panelist and the audience on ‘if’ or ‘when’ NATO enlargement will happen again.

Thematic Dinners on May 24

Each Dinner will be hosted by a Georgian high official. The Tamada and guest speaker will be assigned by the host to set the tone of the conversations around the table. Tamada is responsible for shaping informal discussions at the dinner.Guest speaker will give a short (5-7 minutes) key note address on atopic relevant to the thematic dinner.