Within the frames of the Georgian Defence and Security Conference being held in Batumi, the exhibition of Spanish artist Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau’s paintings was opened in the “Sheraton” hotel. Minister of Defence of Georgia has unveiled the exhibition. Irakli Alasania, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of Georgia thanked the Spanish artist for carrying out the project.


“This project is a sincere tribute to the deeds of our soldiers who serve bravely in the heart of Afghanistan. Our guys are there continuing to fight for the security and stability throughout the world. Georgia’s commitment to international security and stability, as well as its aspiration to join the Euro-Atlantic community is irreversible. We will maintain our presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014. Augusto’s paintings have captured both the spirit of our soldiers and the nature of the complex environment they live in”, said Minister of Defence.


Under the support of the MoD of Georgia, the Spanish artist visited Afghanistan in summer. For several days he lived together with the Georgian military servicemen. Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau will reflect his impressions in the paintings. He will create 25 drawings. Today, only 5 works of the Spanish painter were exposed in Batumi. He also plans to publish a book relating the experiences in Afghanistan. The Spanish artist will finish working on the project this fall. The rest of his series of paintings will be exhibited in many European cities. The initiator of the project is Georgian Ambassador to Spain Zurab Pololikashvili.