3rd South Caucasus Security Forum and Georgia Defence and Security Conference have closed officially. The event organizers summed up the working of the conference and thanked the participants for a fruitful cooperation and interesting discussions.

After the forum Deputy Minister of Defence Ana Dolidze evaluated significance of the conference: “this conference has become the platform for holding discussions around security environment in Georgia and in the region. The standpoints and attitudes voiced by the attendees at the conference are significant for developing Georgia`s foreign and security guidelines. Georgia undoubtedly enjoys a tremendous support of its partner countries. During the forum discussions they offered the ways and means of coping with the current threats in the region”.

Head of the Defence Policy and Planning Department Giorgi Shaishmelashvili expressed his gratitude to the event organizers and summarized the working of the forum: “we have embraced all the security related areas actual for our region. The main goal of the conference is to deliver our message to the international community and to familiarize them with our expectations prior to the Warsaw Summit”.

According to one of the conference organizers Kakha Gogolashvili, the international forum was very fruitful: “the conference participants reviewed the basic problems hindering stability and security in the region, in the South Caucasus and in the Black Sea region. We have referred to the new challenges like hybrid warfare and the ways to combat it. We have also discussed Georgia`s Euro-Atlantic integration prospects. The attendees agreed that there is an urgent need of Georgia`s integration into NATO. We have clearly seen all the interfering factors and problems concerning an international situation and a geopolitical environment, different countries` attitudes and national interests. After the conference our chances of NATO membership became clearer, in particular, what else we need to do and what kind of additional measures we need to take. The representatives of those countries which did not previously support Georgia`s accession into the Alliance now are openly stating the Russia`s factor is a main hindrance for Georgia`s NATO integration”.

Róbert Ondrejcsák, Director of Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) underlined once again significance of the conference and thanked Ministry of Defence of Georgia for partnership.


The event was organized by the MoD, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies(GFSIS) and Slovakian organization CENAA.