The second day of the Defence and Security Forum was opened by a keynote address of the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Davit Usupashvili.

In his speech, Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia spoke about existing situation in the country and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations. “Georgia’s progress has received positive evaluations. Our country goes forward, though there are some obstacles on the way… Our Partners from the EU and NATO see aspirations of the Georgian people to join the Alliance, not only because it is a prestigious club, but because Georgia and peaceful, democratic world needs it. Georgia is helpful to NATO…In terms of tactical point of view, certain decision regarding Georgia’s integration in NATO were delayed or speeded up in the past. We are optimistic about our future. This evaluation about Georgia’s future is universal and this conference is a very good example of this,” Usupashvili said.

He also focused on the threats coming from Russia and underscored Georgia’s role in providing global security: “Russia poses a threat not only for Georgia and post-Soviet space but the country showed intention to dictate the order to the whole world. The world did not tolerate it when the Soviet Union was very strong and could cause serious damage to the world. The world will not accept when Russia tries to dictate the rest of civilization other ways of development. From the historical point of view everything is clear. We should manage not to become the victims of this process. The final result is clear – freedom, democracy and peace. We are ready to contribute to this process not only by participating in international missions in Afghanistan. We know that we are on the right track.”

The participants will have the opportunity to discuss the regional and global security affairs like Euro-Atlantic security, information and hybrid warfare, changes in the Middle East, Black Sea - military balance and cooperation and Ukraine Crisis challenging Europe’s security.

The event is organized in a joint format for the first time by Ministry of Defence, GFSIS and Slovak Organization -CENAA.